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  Schoolgirl's Anal Surprises: Punishment and Enemas Can Be Pleasure!
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Young Ivy discovers the Sybian - at times pulled up and down by her breasts!

Featuring : Ivy and Andre Chance

Length : 87.5 minutes

Ivy is a schoolgirl who is driven by a curiosity that overcomes her intense shyness. She goes to see the Headmaster of the reform school where some of her classmates (Missy and Gypsy) recently got punished. She is burning with curiosity to find out what exactly happened to them – and why they said they got a little turned on during their punishment...

Ivy gets coaxed into stepping into a world where punishment and pleasure intermingle, and she learns about spanking, enemas (including orange-juice enemas!), hogtie bondage, suppositories, sybians, “drilldos”, caning and a lot more!

Some things she doesn't like, such as spanking; others she does surprisingly well with, including enemas

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The entire feature-length film, split into parts
(WMV format, with no DRM)

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Ivy gets coaxed into partially undressing. Then she's swung over the Headmaster's lap, and she gets introduced to spanking.

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Panties in mouth, OTK spanking, undressed naked.

While riding the Sybian (with vaginal dildo attachment): doused with oil all over (at times getting masturbated and pulled by her breasts), blindfolded, whipped (incl. on breasts), surprise finger up her ass.

Finger-fucking ass and pussy.

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OTK spank (brief). Tickling. Pee into bucket, while standing on a chair. Sybian ride. Oil cover and suppository while on the sybian. Ride double-dildo (pussy + ass) sybian attachment; light whipping, and nipple pinching, mid-ride.

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

OTK enema from water bottle.
Orange-juice enema, also OTK, from a squeeze bottle.

Enema expulsion on the toilet. Masturbated while on the toilet.

This clip also available on WizardClips for individual purchase.

Bondage, nipple clamps, oiled up. Light caning.

Full-bag enema, in hogtied bondage, using a red enema bag, large plastic nozzle, and flow indicator. Masturbated with vibrator mid-enema. Enema expulsion into a bucket, while still tied up.

“Drilldo” fucking machine: in pussy and briefly in ass.

(as zipped files)

Coming at a later date: Set 1

Coming at a later date: Set 2

Coming at a later date: Set 3

Coming at a later date: Set 4

Coming at a later date: Set 5

Coming at a later date: Set 6

(in alphabetical order)
Erotic elements are CLICKABLE!

Ankle shackles or cuffs
Bare feet
Character : Schoolgirl
Clothing : Completely naked
Clothing : Sexy / Skimpy
Enema - Squeeze bulb or Bottle
Enema Expulsion - On Toilet
Enema Nozzles - Large Plastic Nozzle
Ethnicity : Asian
Finger-fucking ass
Finger-fucking pussy
Hair color : Black
Hair style : pigtails
Hair type : straight
Hogtie bondage
Masturbate others
Non-water Enemas
Panties-related action
Pee into Bucket
Pinching nipples
Pleasure Enemas
Positions : On Toilet
Positions : OTK
Red enema bag
Spanking : bare-hand
Spreader Bars
Sybian - Vaginal Dildo Attachment
Whipping (flogger)
Wrist restraints
User comments

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leisureman(NEWEST COMMENT) I defintely love Ivy for her talent to drive us toward an ambiguous world of dream and fantasy, where the most kinky desire keeps an aspect of ingenuity. André a de la chance!
iskanderIvy, your butthole is the world's center, as butthole of any wonderful girl. But your butthole is special, as sun and planets
volantthat dildo-on-a-drill is real BADASS! especially in tight bondage
diurthis girl surely takes her enemas very well! even the large ones
Juckoi just joined this site, and i must say that you do a more authentic Barely Legal than i've seen anywhere :)
pacpal57OH MY .....spanking. whipping, bating, blindfolded.....just as advertised.....cannot wait for the updates....GREAT new addition to your sites...this lady is BEAUTIFUL!!!...what a great film
charles_meamateur models, like this girl, are the best!!

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Free large thumbnail photos :

Ivy pees into a bucket
Young Ivy gets both her ass and her pussy impaled on the double-dildo attachment of the Sybian fucking machine
Young Ivy discovers the Sybian - at times pulled up and down by her breasts!
Barely-legal Asian girl Ivy awaits her very first enema
Ivy takes her orange juice enema, straight from a squeeze bottle, while swung OTK
Ivy finally gets to expel her enema on the toilet -- and gets a little masturbation treat...
Ivy gets caned while in hogtie bondage
Ivy receives her 3rd enema, this time in hogtie bondage
Ivy's pussy and ass get probed with a 'drilldo'

Detailed description of the entire film :

There's a knock on the door, and I'm greeted by a very young and pretty S.E. Asian girl with adorable pig tails: Ivy. The cutie pie introduces herself as a classmate of Missy and Gypsy. I assume she got in trouble with the school, too, and that is here to beg for help...

However, her story is more complex and unexpected. When I ask her if she knows what happened to her friends, she says she knows they got punished -- and coyly adds that they told her "it was a little exciting and they were a little turned on..." I'm not surprised! It's not unusual for slutty girls like Gypsy, to get at least somewhat turned on during their punishment...

Ivy admits that she doesn't know the DETAILS, but is curious about exactly what happened. I ask her if she knows much about S/M. She doesn't really know anything, but is curious about that, too.

I tell Ivy not to worry: some day, she'll get in trouble at school, too, and they'll send her to me -- just like her friends!

She replies, "Do I HAVE to get in trouble?"

She won't give up. She wants to find out just what happened to Missy and Gypsy -- and why they got turned on. She's very nervous, but is driven by her relentless, lusty curiosity...

I begin to figure her out: she's a GOOD girl in school -- but wants to find out what bad girls like Missy and Gypsy experience. She admits that!

I tell her I'll give her a taste of what they experience. But on one condition: "she cannot pick and choose. She must experience the WHOLE thing!"

I tell her some things will be pleasurable; other things will be painful; sometime the line between the two will be unclear...

Ivy agrees, but almost changes her mind when I tell her that the first step is to take off ALL her clothes! She only takes off her top; I touch her belly, and can feel she's shivering...

I tell her she's about to experience the first thing that happened to Missy and Gypsy. Quickly, I swing her across my lap and start spanking her! She's so nervous that she burst out giggling! When she asks why the punishment, I tell her that "sometimes punishment becomes enjoyable"...

She squirms and says she doesn't like it -- but I remind her of her agreement to try EVERYTHING! I calm her down by telling her that her classmates were squirming a lot, too -- but at the same time they were getting turned on... The naive young girls asks me, "how do I get turned on?" Me: "You'll find out!"

Her curiosity gets perked up again, and she lets me continue. After more spanking I lift her skirt, and find that her butt is nicely turning red.

I further pique her lusty curiosity -- and assuage her extreme shyness -- by bringing out a sybian... Ivy finally agrees to take off her panties. Examining them, I find clear evidence that she has been getting turned on! When she coyly denies it, I surprise her by shoving her panties in her mouth! When she pulls them out, I swing her again across my lap, and I spank her until she agrees to strip naked; nothing like a convincing argument!

Finally, she shyly takes off her skirt, coyly covering herself up with her hands. I again shove the panties in her mouth. When the brat again spits them out, I slap her face and put them back in. One more instance of spitting them out leads to an extended spank! Young Ivy discovers the Sybian - at times pulled up and down by her breasts!

Then it's time for the sybian. Ivy is so shy that she's still trying to cover her pussy even as she straddles the device! For starters, she's riding the simple "bump" attachment (no dildo.) I make Ivy jump -- literally, off the sybian -- by turning on the machine on a fast vibration setting!

When Ivy complains that the saddle is too "dry", I cover her all over with baby oil! She likes that...

Her butt is still quite red; the shimmering oil cover tends to bring out the red even more. To help her see it, I bring out a mirror!

Ivy's eyes go wide when I show her the sybian's dildo attachment... I make her suck it, then I feel up her pussy, and discover that the shy slut is getting really wet. I make her ride the sybian with the dildo attachment.

I come behind her, and make her ride up and down by her breasts. Then I blindfold her -- and surprise her with a whip! Besides occasionally slapping her face, I whip her all over, including at great length on her breasts. She coyly admits that she likes that!! All along, she's also continuing to ride the sybian.

I announce that I have a surprise for her... And proceed to slide a finger up her butt. To my surprise, Ivy jumps off the sybian as if she were spring-loaded! It turns out she's never had anything up her butt, and feels "freaked out".

I grab her and tell her that she must "accept the sensation" -- and proceed to finger-fuck her asshole and her pussy.

Ivy tells me that she needs to pee badly, and asks me where the bathroom is. I show her a bowl and tell her, "Here's the bathroom!" Ivy is adamant about not peeing in a bucket, even though she's getting so desperate that she needs to cross her legs. I'm getting tired of her obstinate quality; so, I swing her across my lap and I spank and tickle her until she agrees to pee in the bucket and to stop being bratty!

My argument is persuasive... I make her stand on a chair, bend over, and pee in a bowl I hold under her. She quickly sends out a good jet. Her desperate need overcame her inhibition!

Next on the menu is a double-dildo attachment for the sybian. Ivy again protests about getting something up her butt, but I make her try it. First, I guide her to impale her pussy on the sybian's first dildo.

Then I slip a suppository up her butt!

Barely-legal Asian girl Ivy awaits her very first enema After widening up her shy rear entrance with 2 fingers, I manage to insert the 2nd dildo attachment. Ivy is now fully riding the double-penetration sybian attachment. When both dildos slip out, I re-insert them. Then I turn on the controls, and make her ride up and down. The shy slut enjoys that. All along, she has the suppository lodged deep in her butt...

I again bring out the whip, and whip Ivy all over as she rides the double-dildo sybian: I whip her breasts, ass and pussy. She enjoys that, too. She and I periodically re-insert the dildos when they pop out.

Ivy is thirsty. I take a squeeze bottle and squirt some water into her mouth. I tell her that there's something else that happened to Missy and Gypsy... Then I swing her across my lap and, over her protests, deliver the rest of the water as an enema! Ivy loses her "enema virginity".

Ivy takes her orange juice enema, straight from a squeeze bottle, while swung OTK Immediately afterwards, I refill the bottle with orange juice. I make Ivy take a few sips -- and the rest becomes her 2nd enema! I deliver it with Ivy again across my lap. Loaded up with a water enema and an OJ enema, plus the remnants of the earlier suppository, Ivy is VERY eager for relief. Ivy finally gets to expel her enema on the toilet -- and gets a little masturbation treat... I accompany her to the toilet, and rub her belly -- until I hear the sound... At that point, Ivy gives me an embarrassed smile that's simply precious! I masturbate her while she sits on the potty; she says that no one else before had ever done that to her...

When Ivy is finished with the toilet, time for a larger enema, with a red bag, a large nozzle and a flow indicator. Ivy sees a bucket and naively asks me what it's for. I tell her that the water that's about to go in her will need to eventually come out... She sounds all embarrassed that I'm going to watch her expel!

First, I make her kneel, bent over against a large triangular foam pillow. I make her all glistening with oil, and tie up her hands behind her back. Then I make her get up, to better watch me fill up the enema bag to the brim! I put nipple clamps on her tender breasts, and make her squirm by tugging on the chain.

I push her again over the large pillow, and douse her with more oil -- which brings out the rawness of her butt from the earlier spanking and paddling. In her awkward, swung-over position, with her hands tied up behind her back, Ivy looks deliciously helpless. But I make her even more helpless by attaching her ankles to a very long spreader bar. Her legs can barely reach! Ivy gets caned while in hogtie bondage

While Ivy is deliciously spread-eagled, I give her a caning. She squirms so much that she slides off the pillow!

Ivy receives her 3rd enema, this time in hogtie bondage Then I shove a large nozzle up her butt, and start the enema. She begs me to stop several times, but I make her soak it up to the last drop! But it's also time for a reward, and I masturbate her during the enema -- using my hand and a vibrator.

She's so full of water that her expulsion is almost explosive! She sends out some major jets into a bucket I hold under her... After she gets relief from the water, shy coyly admits that she "kind of liked the enema"! I continue masturbating her with a vibrator, which I also dip into her asshole. I masturbate her till she cums -- which makes her squirm a lot in her tight bondage... Ivy's pussy and ass get probed with a 'drilldo'

To finish things up, I give Ivy a round with the drilldo. I "drill" her pussy and her clit; I also dip the sizable tip inside her butthole!

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