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Katia: From Teen Runaway to Sex Slave
Katia gets teased about her imminent full-bag enema

Featuring : Katia and Andre Chance

Length: 83.5 minutes



A very young-looking hitchhiker runaway, Katia is a pretty nymphet with wild brown curls, and a playful, bratty nature.

She gets picked up by a guy who offers her a much-needed place to stay – but on condition that she becomes his sex slave!

For starters, he makes her change into sexy panties and a sheer “babydoll” slip. She’s definitely poised between a girl and a young woman...

Next, Katia is collared and led on a crawl by a leash. She also has to lap up wine from a bowl on the floor.

Katia’s training shifts into higher gear with a lot of spanking, paddling, enemas, bondage, and even pasta and beans shoved up her butt (and flushed out with another enema!)

Finally, she’s left inside a box (she’s very petite) for the night...

Taylor and Katie's Spank & Enema (Mis)Adventure
Katie (L) likes to toy with Taylor

Featuring : Katie, Taylor and Andre Chance

Length: 104 minutes



Young and naïve, Taylor falls prey to the kinky seductions of the devious Katie, a friend of her sister.

Katie takes advantage of her new job as apprentice assistant to the Headmaster of a reform school. She lures Katie to her workplace, preying on her curiosity. Then she awes her with all the S/M toys, and makes her move!

It starts with a lot of kissing, licking, wrestling and getting undressed. But then, to Taylor’s astonishment, gears shift to getting whipped and masturbated – and even having to insert a tampon in Katie’s pussy! Next in Taylor’s initiation to S/M is learning how to be on the giving end. With a little tutoring from the Headmaster, and a lot of trepidation and giggling, Taylor learns how to spank and whip Katie. To Taylor’s incredulous astonishment, Katie is a pain slut who laughs through it all, even when the Headmaster spanks, whips and canes her hard!

Among the implements that Taylor learns to use on Katie are a whip, a leather strap that imprints the word “SLUT”, a wooden ruler, a cane, a hair brush, a ping-pong paddle and a belt.

Next, Taylor soothes Katie’s burning butt with ice cubes. Then the Headmaster and Katie take turns spanking Taylor OTK and finger-fucking her pussy. Afterwards, Taylor and Katie indulge in some great kissing, licking and masturbation.

Taylor finds her initiation into S/M accelerating dramatically when her devious friend Katie brings in the S/M Master that she works for. He hogties both girls together tightly, drenches them in oil – and slips a suppository up each girl’s butt! Meanwhile, Taylor and Katie keep slithering over each other, kissing and sensuously licking each other’s ears.

At the opposite end of their bodies, the Master uses Taylor and Katie's oiled-up feet to gratify his insatiable cock. Then he makes the girls suck it, until he cums into their mouths.

Next, it’s simultaneous enemas for both girls, while still hogtied together! One gets a clear bag, and one a red bag. Both get large nozzles, and a flow indicator on their enema lines. Mid-enema, their Master takes pity of their inflating bellies, and masturbates both girls with a large wand vibrator.

Upon being freed, with their bellies distended from soaking up their respective enema bags to the last drop, the girls would love nothing better than to dash to the toilet... But, no, their wicked Master makes Katie hold her water while Taylor sits on an a hollow high chair and has to let her enema water out into a bucket below! Meanwhile, she gets masturbated by Katie. Afterwards, it’s Katie’s turn on the embarrassing “enema high chair”, letting it all out into buckets...

When they’re finally allowed to the toilet, Taylor and Katie discover that they still have plenty of water inside their bellies – and there’s only one toilet! They have no choice but to both squeeze onto the same toilet seat!

After getting relief from their intense enemas, Taylor and Katie recover with a sensual shower together.

Runaway Schoolgirl's Trials As Kinky Sex Slave
Missy gets dressed up elegantly before her strip-tease

Featuring : Missy and Andre Chance

Length: 56 minutes



Missy is a gorgeous schoolgirl who got expelled and ran away from home. In need of a place, she seeks out the master of a reform school, with whom she had interacted before. He agrees to let her stay – but on condition that she becomes his live-in slave!

For starters, Missy is made to entertain him with sexy strip-teases. He swings her across his lap, shoves a suppository up her butt, and makes her dance some more!

Then Missy is locked up in a box, covered in oil, and spanked/paddled/caned through a hole. Next, she’s made to ride the pussy and ass double dildo of a large fucking machine, while masturbating. Later, back with her upper body inside the box, she’s given an enema with a large squeeze bulb. That’s when Missy really freaks out!

Schoolgirl's Anal Surprises: Punishment and Enemas Can Be Pleasure!
Young Ivy discovers the Sybian - at times pulled up and down by her breasts!

Featuring : Ivy and Andre Chance

Length: 87.5 minutes



Ivy is a schoolgirl who is driven by a curiosity that overcomes her intense shyness. She goes to see the Headmaster of the reform school where some of her classmates (Missy and Gypsy) recently got punished. She is burning with curiosity to find out what exactly happened to them – and why they said they got a little turned on during their punishment...

Ivy gets coaxed into stepping into a world where punishment and pleasure intermingle, and she learns about spanking, enemas (including orange-juice enemas!), hogtie bondage, suppositories, sybians, “drilldos”, caning and a lot more!

Some things she doesn't like, such as spanking; others she does surprisingly well with, including enemas

Schoolgirl Gets a Taste of Chocolate, Suspension Bondage, Spanking, Sex & Enemas
Julie, all covered up in chocolate, awaits her enema

Featuring : Julie and Andre Chance

Length: 71 minutes



As you saw in her first film, Julie is a very exceptional schoolgirl, who schemed to get herself sent to Reform School just because she was driven by curiosity to learn what Corporal Punishment is all about...

She quickly discovered that she’s a Pain Slut who loves punishment and everything kinky. With her youthful enthusiasm, she charmed the Headmaster into letting her back for the purpose of learning about types of kinky sex!

So, it’s more kinky adventures for Julie: starting with bondage, spanking and a BJ.

Next, the Headmaster gets her really messy by covering her up in chocolate all over – and then he cleans her up "to perfection" with an enema.

To finish off, Julie gets to experience a sybian (fucking machine) in bondage, with the double dildo attachment (pussy/ass.)

Schoolgirl Friends Discover Spanking & Enemas in Bondage
Schoolgirl Athena's lollipop later gets her in trouble...

Featuring : Athena, Helena and Andre Chance

Length: 86.5 minutes



Helena and Athena are two schoolgirls who are curious about the world of BDSM. They seek out the Schoolmaster of a Reform School where some of their schoolmates had the misfortune of being sent to. The cheeky girls ask him to show them what it's all about! And indeed he shows them...

The two schoolgirls get to undress each other, and learn about spanking and being spanked, bondage, enemas, pussy eating, toe licking, nipple clamps, mouth gags, ice cubes, finger-fucking both holes, and more! Sometimes they are on the receiving end from the Schoolmaster, while at other times they practice on each other – and have their first lesbian experience!

They receive simultaneous enemas, while in hogtie bondage together, following a suppository. The get masturbated mid-enema and afterwards, while they hold the enema water. Afterwards, they both expel their enemas on the toilet, at times sharing one seat!

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